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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ice, ice, everywhere, and t a chunk to chew on. slick out there. iceicles are hanging from the
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traffic cameras. good morning, in particul, perhaps, the end of your nose. i am joe krebs. >> i am eun yang. >> we learned that loudoun schools will be osed. >> the roads are the problem right now. there is a layer of messy winter stuff t there. if you a not caref you could sl out there. >> any hill is going to be very difficult to try to get up if it is untreated or come down and try to stop. untreate roads and surfaces are coated witice and sleet and snow this moing. it is a layer cake, with ow, sleet, and then icen top of that. and radar showing still gting
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freezi rain. it is all liquid rain falling, freezing on surfaces. maryland, the district of columb, this will continue, we will get a bit of a reprieve for a white. up to two inches in this white zone, a quarter of an inch of ice on top of that here in washington, suburbs there, are some ice, and northern nk of the eastern shore, the are above freezing, all west and north, its below freezing. we he the advisies and the winter stormarnings continuing for hours for this one surge of precipitation that came through. anotherurge after the respite. a lot of it will be melting off. rain and and on through tomorrow. a sampbling arod the ar.
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39 at the pentagon, you see the big old iccle. elevatedoad survases will be treacherous if they haven't been tread recently no accidents reported there. leave yourself extra braking distance. on the beltway, prince orge's county, travel lanes clos, i-95, an acciden police are there. >> well, the winte weather is using a mess. take a look at iccovered sidewalks on connectic avenue. in northwest, in d.c. it could make for treacherous walking conditions, getting to and fro the metro orusstops, be careful out there. a mixre of rain, sleet and snow did fall overnight. crews have beenreating and
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owing the roads all night long. tracy is live with the conditions out there. >> good morning, ts is the kind of day you don't want to wear the heel boots. you want t put snowoots someing with traction to walk on the sidewalks. t me show you in this area, you are dealing with slush. lo at montgomery village avenue, in the roads there were wet. again,e careful, we are dealinwith freezing rain. area that is have been treat look prettygood. some of these seconry roads this one, i is not as great as
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itould be. you are going to want to take it sl. paclose attention to where you are going, and we are deang with freezing rain. it can be prty nasty. back to the studio. >> now, from the roads to the skies, arms are beginning to cancel flights. take a look a reagan national airport. air canada cancelled their flight to montreal. delta and united cancelled flightss well. check with yr airline to see if your flight has been affected. we are live in fairfax county, checking on the conditions out there at 4:45. the weather is causing power problems this morning. pepco, reporting 550 outag.
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bg and e, reporting scatted tages. >> this jusin, fairfax county schools are closed today. fairfax countychools are closed today. a look at the extra marital affair of john edwards. didn't admit to the affair until aft reports that they had child together. they a looking at the money to keep them in hidg and if tt should be considered a campaig contribution. his attorney said he did not violate any election laws. >> according to the "washington post allen, theormer virginia vernor said h will run in 2012. he losis seat to democratic
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senator web in 2006. allen has been ierviewing staff, and pns to open a headquartersn richmond. webb has not said ife willun for re-election. >> sargent shriverelped to fulfill jfk's promise to create the peace corp. sargent shriver ran for ve president in 19, in 2000 three,e disclosed he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. details about his condition have been reased. > county exetive baker, and the police chief, and county
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sheriff, and the county state attorneyill gather to update the public on the murders that plagued the county to sta 2011. giving safety tri to make sure people stay sa. prince george's county saw 13 murds. this just in as well, fairfax county schools are closed andhe federal vernment is on a two-hour delay. because of all the snow t ice and sleet. >> all the closis and delays will be running at the bottom of your reen. >>. >> the new concern about your privacy on facebook, this morning. >> and sarah palin, stickin up for herself, over the rect contversy surrounding her website. >> ice is everywhere. it is slow a nasty for your commute. stay with us, we will have all the details coming up..
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good morng, am meteorologist tom kierein. montgomery couy schools are closed today. montgomery county schools are clos, due to the combination of snow, sleet and ice that we have had. we continue to have freezing rain. all the areas with freezing rain, southern maryla, northern virginia, most of maryla. this will contin for another couple of hours. we have a trace, the district
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and marynd, more sw and ice further west and north. temperates are below freezg in the region exct the eastern shore. all coming from the precipition out of the southwest, moving northea. one wave that moved through. we will get a respite for a while. by the time theext wave comes in, we will be above freezing this afternoon. temperatures should get above freezing by latehis afternoon. dealing with iciness, then more rain, ernight into tomorrow morning, thathould be ending by wednesday, mid morning, and thsun back, and milder. en, getting colder thursday into friday a look at the weekend in ten minute jerry, how is traffi headed through vienna, not bad. manageab, to keep your speeds
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down. an earlier accident, a car went off the roadway. just use great car, a bit of road spray here. up to marynd, i-95 corridor, travel lan are open. rockville pike. the authorities are looking for an accident. reportedly, two cars spun out near old georgia tow road. we will keep you updated. >> comte rerz getting bad news. >> and sarah palin describes her use o the
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we have heard from several school districts.
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alexandria city schoos a two-hour delay. >> montgomy county public schools are closed and the federal govnment is on a two-hour delay. you have the option of unschedule leave and unscheduled telework ts mornin if you live in rginia, be tra careful, the snow and ice will make for a slick commute. melissa is live in fairfax. good morning to you. >> reporter: all i can say, it is nasty here in the parking lot. we are on l highway. you c see as far as cars go, it isot so bad. when you get to the parking lots, this is where you have a heck of a hard time. you have t dig in there to get any kind of trtion. really not so bad onhe roads, from theistrict, to virginia. spoke with vdo t., as
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tempatures warm up, theyill pu back they tell me they are trying to get int subdivisions more than they have before, and the snow, rain, making a nasty morning commute. a tricky rushhour, is wt we are predicting. weill be out here following things for you. yo can still see, it may be difficult for you to see, freezing rain still coming down putting a nice coating on top of everything. >> slippery out there. thank you so much. the recovery ofcongresswoman gabrielle giffords's hband said she gave him a neck
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massage. family members said she could leave the hospital shortly. and they are looking for a rehab nter. her husband said he is willing to meet with the parents of the alleged shooter, jared loughner. mark kelly, her husband said he would probably seeth. he doesn't think it isheir fault and adds, that quote,hey have to be hurting in this situation as much as anybody. >> sarah palin has received a lot of criticism, using a term viewed as antisemettic palin appeared a show, and defined the tm blood libel meaning she didn't have blood on
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her hands from theshooting. she said critics were srching for something wrong, and she and otherndividuals must sd light on uth. >> on the last eit days of bein falsely accused of being accessory to murder, we hope to be sheddg light on truth, so that a lie condition continue to live. the cross hairs references she says, have been used by democrats as well throughout the years. >> they will be hitting the ground ruing, debating the repeal of last year's healthcare reform law. the house will vote on that repeal. kimbly, good morning. >> ice outside the capital, will
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thereby a saw inside. returningo the hill with house republicans resumi their efforto repeal the president's healthcare reform that is a they costs too much. analysts say this debate will test whether the promised civility will ntinue. the two estimators who said they will cross the decide and sit next to each other in the state of the union address differ on healthcare, but indicate an area for possib compmise. >> it costs too much. when what we have dones expandedhe coverage, haven't worked on the cost. >> we can wor together cutting the costs, without damaging the good healthcarehat peopleget. that is an area for bipartisan agreement, i think. >> debate on that issue begins today. other issue wher you willee passion, not likely
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bipartisansh, gun control. to ban ammunitio magazines holding more than ten rounds, why outlaw the high capacity magazines, it is said that jared louger used one tokill. >> and ice, rainnd sleet on the ground. anythi in terms of precipitation today, tom? >> we are getting a coatingf ice in this layer cake, and a layer of icen top of that. we are continuing to get liquid rain that frees on sidewalks and steps, and any untreated street. we are continuing to seehat scattered across northern virginia, rada showing the light scattered rainthere, and here into maryland, comingown
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rder in prince george's county and the darker color, where we are getting freezing rain there, howard county into carroll coun. it is sliding off to the north and east. we will have the precipitation ending here in a couple of hours. generally, about a trace of snow and sleet with that coating of ice on it. th ze through the middle, and much ofmaryland. sohern maryland, some ice. a bit of ice inarts of charles and most of st. mary's county. on top of that a 10th to a quarter inch of ice. only in the mid 20s now, they areontinuing toeeing that. it is at or above freezing washington. the surbs are in the 20s, the in is continuing to freeze u on surfaces. it will d that for anoer
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couple of hours. we added a winter advisory for part of st. mary'scounty, we have temperares well below freezing in westernmaryland. so of the elevation, southeastern virginia, it in the 40s there now, they have had rain there. for us, this nasty wintery mix, much of maryland this is moving off the one wave, heading up to new england. weave another waveoving in la this afternoon, between now [sxi+ymorning, we will peak near 40, with a lotf melting. what is frozen right now will stay frozen. and overnight tonight, light ra ending by mid morning or so.
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during the afternoo late afternoon, w will get the sunshine back, climbing into the 40s. rning colder, may get light snow on friday. a fastoving system. it doesn't look like a lot of snow. ld forhe weekend. most of the weekend below freezing. a samplin around the area, i-0, both directions, light, clue clarksburg, you can see the crusty road surfaces, and heading to the arican legion bridge. the outer loop, the big curve before you get to the american league bridge, a couple of cars spun out. things are on the difficult side. 355, has not beenreated for a while, for those of you traveling along 355, through damascus and germantown, head's for that an axe dent in e
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overnight took down a power poll. >> prince george's county schools openingwo hours te, and arlington in virginia, o hours late. two hours late this moing. and federa officials are oking to widen the baltimore-washingtonparkway, making it bigger is causing ail debate. adding ather lane would cut into what they call vital green space. they said widening the the parkway would addoise and pollution, andhey feel expanding public transportation or commuter services. >> drivers want to be cautious paing through two intersectis, two new red light cameras iuing tickets today. southherry street, and the
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other at anondale road. the cameras have been up for a month now, so far, drivers ught received only a waing. the mimum fine is $50. >> drivers who use the commuter lo will have to start looking for an alternative. they will be handing ou flyers, tonform them about pla to redue the 100 parking spaceso 5 starting february 14th. the mall is getting ready to add more shops a needs the parking spaces >> apple stock prices fell hours after steve job announced h was taking his third medical leave in seven years. jobs told histaff he needs to focus on his health right now. he left to battle pacreattic cancer, and had a liver
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transplant. jobs is such a visionary, that any timeaway frompple could hurt the company' future. the markets were closed due to the martin luther king . holiday. investors will be watching apple closely at the opening bell. it is expected to announce quarterly earngs today. >> facebook chaed the privacy settings, third party developers like farmville can access your home address and phone nuer. they aounced the move, it is a major privacy change. howardounty schools are closed today. and if you are waking up, you will want to scrap on your boots this morning, carry aag of rock salt with you and put a pillow on your caboos. >> major highways are slick, and
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it is downright dangerous out there. and the commutes just ginning, stick wh us, we have you covered before you hea out the
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